Craig Messerman Standards Based Grading and the Game of School

Formative standards based assignments are used in science instruction.

Classroom based instruction is essential to the understanding of student content knowlege.

What can I do for Extra Credit?

Standards based grading is the essential element to creating student success in the classroom. Learning targets are essential elements of such instruction.

Every lab and activitiy are associated with the learning targets.

Minimizes the use and assignment of zeros in the classroom based on Marzano and others.

Collaboratively written rubrics for assessment.

Summative exams are used as a measurement as well.

One response

  1. I also often hear “what can I do for extra credit?” I wonder if the way that we have traditionally graded students has created students who work to finish rather than work to learn. Hopefully standards based grading can put the focus back on learning.

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