Katie Didier

When Technology Turns Toxic

Senior at Big Sky High School

Miss Teen Montana International. Wants to end cyberbullying in Montana

Wants to take action to end cyberbullying because I was a victim of such bullying in school.

Established Stop Cyberbullying Missoula as a senior project.

Needs to create awareness around the issue and I started a news media campaign to create awareness around the topic.

1.18% of cyberbullying victims have said that the bullying was so severe that some considered taking their own lives due to the harassment.

Where do the rights end and the consequences begin for those that engage in cyberbullying.

I want there to be a cyberbullying law in Montana. The only defense that we have now is the privacy and communication act

I am going to take a bill to Helena to encourage lawmakers to make a law in Montana.

Education on Internet safety needs to occur.

Stop cyberbullying Missoula.


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