Scott Chook

The 4 C’s of 21st century education in an Middle School Video Production Class.

I let students lead in the classroom.

Engagement is a key element in 21st century education.

8th grade video production class. Students lead the class. Literature is used and analyzed through the lense of video production.

We learn to write this language through making films.

Students direct film and the creative decisions lie with the students.

The final project is a large production that involves the whole class. Plot structure is used and then developed into a script.

The student combined all ideas into one script and produced the video.

Student directors are used and plan the story board, and produce the film. Students do all aspects of the project and the educator is the facilitator.

Authentic problem solving is used by design in the classtrooom

My students love making videos

we use inexpensive digital devices and windows movie maker for production

You Tube is used as a tutorial for movie making effects

Movie making can be used in all classes across the curriculum and it a great way of teaching.

Critical thinking and using 21st century educational technology is key.

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