Wendy Lofthouse

From a Parental Perspective…..

Mt Son —- Lesson Learned

I get to place in the hands of every 2nd grade student at Paxon elementary an IPAD for next school year…..

I am passionate about technology and its used in the classroom in the 21st century.

Wendy…. Your like is about serving others.  Especially in the trials and tribulations that I have had with the medical challenges that existed with her son.

Mrs. Palin and other teachers made Devin’s life come true and treated all students with respect and accountability.

Devin we want you to be our basketball coach because of the leadership capabilities that exist within him.

How can you change the life of a student??

What will you do tomorrow to help children exceed in the classroom?

What will you do Missoula to help educate our children and foster a collaborative nature?

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