Kenzie Lombardi

Apathy – The biggest problem of our society

My classmates did not share my passion for history and political will….

I became to dread history…. Although….

My history class is typical of that of the larger world in that apathy exists in our society.

How will you engage your students in the classroom to care about education and make it relevant to students??

Why don’t students care in the classroom? Is it too much work or do they not see the connections that are needed to illustrate the successes that can be earned by maintaining a solid work ethic?

Take a leap…. You need to expand your horizons.

Care about your family, friends, life, and show it through doing something positive for someone around you or for your community.

Where would we all be today if we took Kenzie’s advice…. Today we do not do enough of this….

Wendy Lofthouse

From a Parental Perspective…..

Mt Son —- Lesson Learned

I get to place in the hands of every 2nd grade student at Paxon elementary an IPAD for next school year…..

I am passionate about technology and its used in the classroom in the 21st century.

Wendy…. Your like is about serving others.  Especially in the trials and tribulations that I have had with the medical challenges that existed with her son.

Mrs. Palin and other teachers made Devin’s life come true and treated all students with respect and accountability.

Devin we want you to be our basketball coach because of the leadership capabilities that exist within him.

How can you change the life of a student??

What will you do tomorrow to help children exceed in the classroom?

What will you do Missoula to help educate our children and foster a collaborative nature?

Lisa Waller

Public education reform and student directed curriculum

Do what you love – life motto

Listen to your Creative, Intuitive Self

What if we learned in the classroom for the sake of learning and not to earn a letter grade??

Todays educational system does not respect the actuality of learning and we as educators get locked into the grading aspect and not the learning taking place in the classroom.

We are on committees in the school because we care about making education better, especially in the 21st century.

What will you do to change the nature of education in the 21st century Missoula?

Brad Chumrau

Finding Inspiration and Liberation through Inquiry Based Education

Embrace your ambition Missoula…..

Collaboration is essential to the success of teamwork.

Challenge for educators in the 21st century centers on the nature of collaboration and the ability to take risks while wading through the standardization of the curriculum in the schools.

Don’t be condemned to mediocrity Missoula. Embrace inquiry based education Missoula. Put students at the center and build the school around them.

Lets create the best education for our children.

Inquiry Based education centers on the development of a vision/mission by the school district. for more information.

Nick Shepherd

Flipped Classroom

21st century educator…..

Instruction is done at home and then students have time to work in class on projects and labs.

Flipped Classroom can increase student engagement in the curriculum.

I have more time to talk with students during the day using the flipped classroom model.

Thanks for posting the videos online I am able to help my student at home. (Parent comment)

Formative assessment is used daily to assess student work in accordance with the standards.

Businesses don’t operate like they did 100 years ago… Why do schools?? We need a change!! What do you think Missoula?

Michele Nokleby

Hawthorn Elementary Teacher

Publishing student work online.

We need to digitize our works to save them for the future.

Students are able to download the art to their mobile devices.

Development of e-books for students and they are able to use 21st century educational tools to showcase their work and upload them to teacher tube to share with the rest of the world.

Students can learn responsible respectful and ethical online skills in development and use of 21st century educational technology.

Make book trailers with web 2.0 elements and they learn the lessons of the principles of fair use technology.

I use QR codes to showcase student work as well.

This type of facilitation fosters student engagement in content knowledge and makes learning FUN!

Austin Graef

Student at Hellgate High School specializes in poetry.

He will be traveling to Washington D.C. to showcase his talents in poetry.

Do you have a spoken art program in your school?

Poetry is a form of art that was intended to be spoken.

There is no money in Poetry!!

Bring poetry into your classroom it will enrich the curriculum.