Dave Oberbillig

Our relationship with food!

Humans have basic needs to include food…..

How is food related to where we are now as huan beings in 2012??

How fundamentally different are we in 2012 with that of the era of the fertile crescent?

Dave asks, about the relationship that exists with the fundamental evolution of human beings.

Every human group revolves around the ritual of food and survival.

Healthy nutrition and food drives exist for us to help other human beings who do not have basic needs.

Food, energy and water will be issues at the center of the future global conflicts.

37 nations in the world are at critical food shortages.

How can Missoula help with the food crisis that we see globally?

Food needs to be a central focus in our educational system.

I am going to change the theme of my biology course to examine it through the lens of food and its importance.

Crops and growing seasons extend the school year and create a filed experience for all students. Project based learning is essential in the collaborative nature of the MCPS schools.

Community is a biological concept.

Students learn from where their food comes from.

connections with community and the greater environment are at the center of the development of the biology curriculum….  

Jessica Stamler

Co-Teaching Avoid the Class of the Titans

analyzing the IEFA policies of MCPS.

Successful Co-Teachers

1. Align Philosophies – find common ground with two teachers in the classroom. The key element is the role of the teacher as a facilitator.  

2. Capatalize on Opportunities

3. Communication – share objectives with teacher partner.

Students created a dynamic project in the production of a newspaper.

Scott Chook

The 4 C’s of 21st century education in an Middle School Video Production Class.

I let students lead in the classroom.

Engagement is a key element in 21st century education.

8th grade video production class. Students lead the class. Literature is used and analyzed through the lense of video production.

We learn to write this language through making films.

Students direct film and the creative decisions lie with the students.

The final project is a large production that involves the whole class. Plot structure is used and then developed into a script.

The student combined all ideas into one script and produced the video.

Student directors are used and plan the story board, and produce the film. Students do all aspects of the project and the educator is the facilitator.

Authentic problem solving is used by design in the classtrooom

My students love making videos

we use inexpensive digital devices and windows movie maker for production

You Tube is used as a tutorial for movie making effects

Movie making can be used in all classes across the curriculum and it a great way of teaching.

Critical thinking and using 21st century educational technology is key.

Kelly Chumrau

Isn’t it a Wonder?

Paxson Schools

We cannot take it when student creativity and exploration have been stomped out by middle school.

Who wants to celebrate wondering? We created a wondering team of teachers.

Academic Support team has 3 goals

1. Human resource volunteers for the classroom

2. Wonder network – Foster the curiosity and wonderment of students. This network of teachers helps other teachers by posting electronic questions so that the teacher can investigate options for students.

3. After school enrichment program – all kinds of elective offerings are offered for students in an afterschool setting.

IPad in the hands of every student?? How will this change student instruction and wonderment for the future????

Katie Didier

When Technology Turns Toxic

Senior at Big Sky High School

Miss Teen Montana International. Wants to end cyberbullying in Montana

Wants to take action to end cyberbullying because I was a victim of such bullying in school.

Established Stop Cyberbullying Missoula as a senior project.

Needs to create awareness around the issue and I started a news media campaign to create awareness around the topic.

1.18% of cyberbullying victims have said that the bullying was so severe that some considered taking their own lives due to the harassment.

Where do the rights end and the consequences begin for those that engage in cyberbullying.

I want there to be a cyberbullying law in Montana. The only defense that we have now is the privacy and communication act

I am going to take a bill to Helena to encourage lawmakers to make a law in Montana.

Education on Internet safety needs to occur.

Stop cyberbullying Missoula.